2/26/13 Cedar Creek Lake Tx Fishing Report with BigCrappie.com

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2/26/13 Cedar Creek Lake Tx Fishing Report with BigCrappie.com

Water Color: Muddy/Stained

Water Level: 319.07 (-2.93)

Water Temp: 54

Crappie - We had some excellent Crappie trips this week with great numbers of fish and good quality Crappie.  The water temp has hovered about 54 degrees all week.  This has our fish moving into shallower water.  We caught over 50 keepers yesterday.  It may seem early to many but the fish are ready.

White Bass - The White Bass bite has been pretty steady with the only real factor being the wind.  We are catching good numbers on main lake humps.

Thank you! My friend has already booked another trip. Great fun and our guide is a very good fishing guide!!

- Miller -

They provide the best Crappie experience. We are planning our next trip. After fishing Cedar Creek in 1968, Chuck introduced us to Dock Shooting- a super experience. Reilly Bros.

- Reilly -

My dad had a great time and is ready to go again.My daughter loved the trip also.I cannot express my appreciation for the way you took care of us.Outstanding.Planning another trip for next year.

- Jimmy Frosch -

Chuck will put you on the fish. Great fun to catch Hybrid Stripers and Crappie. He uses the best equipment and we always catch lots of fish. A great way to spend a half of a day or a whole one

- Dickey -

Been out with Big Crappie twice now and won't even consider going out with anyone else in the Cedar Creek Lake area. Super friendly and ultra professional - very helpful and patient...

- T.R. -

Our trip was great.The 3 of us had a blast fishing even in very windy conditions.You are one of the best, courteous and knowledgeable guides Iv'e had the pleasure to fish with.Always offering tips.

- Bubba Hackett -